Walking with the breeze….

A short stroll, unaware of wonder
so alone and lost inside my mind.
I feel the pull of a gentle breeze
whispering softly, the trees interpret
through the rustling of their leaves.
Drifting onwards the sounds change
as each tree brings its own language.
A congregation, vying for my attention
standing in their majesty for one glance.
The noise intensifies as I pass by
I’m Inspired by the harmonious request.
Pausing, I admire their unique characteristics
an aged collection of natures beauty.
The breeze intensifies as I prepare to leave
enabling the trees, in unison, to bow.
Reciprocating I perform a bow of honour
with unexplainable contentment I bid farewell
The gentle breeze wraps itself around me
guiding me through a forest full of life.


6 thoughts on “Walking with the breeze….

  1. A breeze, this time of year, is a welcome thing, Helen. Lovely poem.

  2. It feels, as I read this, as if I am standing in the forest, Helen. Beautiful.

  3. donna says:

    You never cease to amaze me Helen, yet another great poem. “Pausing, I admire their unique characteristics an anged collection of natures beauty” such divine words; a breeze can be so alluring on the skin: a precious jewel, effortless and angelic: pulchritudinous of life.

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