Dance of souls…..

Two hearts beating to the echoes of silence,
no music required: the rhythm perfect
a pulsating essence which is in command
with a coded language so they beat as one.

The souls join in an abstract movement
swaying gently, fuelled by total rapture
as the electricity flows from one to another
the hearts skip but never miss a beat.

Even a distance cannot disturb the dance
heightening senses in readiness for the return
paired up the dance begins, the passion of a tango
entwined: the steps in perfect symmetry.

The hearts sleep soundly in each others grasp
resting and rejuvenating for another day
awaking, they stretch in unison into the morning
one look: the dance of souls smiling; pick up the beat.


6 thoughts on “Dance of souls…..

  1. That is a soul mate, Helen. LOvely.

  2. That abstract movement: there’s no recipe for it, is there…magical writing 🙂

  3. donna says:

    Very engaging and delicately put together Helen; a truly great piece of writing: breathtaking and beautiful.

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