The story in clouds…

Engrossed in fluffy clouds
that drift across the sky.
I try to pick out animals
as they gently float on by.
The hardest ones to make out
are twenty shades of grey
transformed into whiteness
as the sun comes out to play.
I sit and watch a battle
as the clouds spoil the fun
holding hands together:
blocking out the sun.
The sun will not be thwarted
so it switches to full blast
the clouds are getting flustered
as they know they cannot last.
The sun has its victory
it did enjoy the game
using clouds to draw with;
a horse complete with mane.
A dolphin quickly followed
then a dragon and a shrew
it carried on relentlessly
until the day was through.
The clouds gave fair warning
as the sun said its goodnight
tomorrow is another day
be prepared to fight.


9 thoughts on “The story in clouds…

  1. donna says:

    Stunning! The words you choose fitted perfectly to the weather, love it: beautifully written and detailed Helen.

  2. It’s always a hallelujah moment when the sun breaks through the clouds, isn’t it?

  3. Helen, you chose the perfect mood to portray our clouds here: slightly combative 😀

  4. bandsmoke says:

    Its a great piece Helen, really well done 🙂

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