Immersed in waves…

A cliff side vigil, full off contemplation
my companion the sea, otherwise alone
I feel and see the power in the foaming swells
hypnotised: deafened by the waves breaking.

Finally drawn in by the gravitational pull;
waves wash over me, cleansing my being
no more drowning in fresh air
as now I drown in the sea of souls.

Taken by the tides, stroked by soft hands
whispering lips brush against my ears
soft voices calming: deeply pervading
feelings of elation: a climax of passage.

Souls, lifting as one, return me to land
singing a farewell chorus: a sweet murmur.
Feeling cleansed, I remain still: spellbound
listening to the sea caress the root of the cliff.


6 thoughts on “Immersed in waves…

  1. The sound of water and land meeting as one is a breathtaking experience, Helen. You’ve captured it perfectly.

  2. I agree with Andra. I can hear the rise and fall of the water against the shingle. Beautiful.

  3. The sea has a beauty all of its own. My favourite place to think.

  4. donna says:

    W0W! Captivating Helen; I could feel my self falling in the waves as I was reading this, powerful and beautifully detailed.

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