My Ode To Twitter…..

Oh Twitter just how hard can that be
It must be as easy as one, two, three.

choosing a handle that seemed to fit
poised for banter: to show my wit.

Being aware that things weren’t quite right
if nothing happened I was going to take flight.

A light bulb lit as I was about to flee
I had spent six months talking to me.

I started to follow and tweeted like mad
a couple of mentions, this wasn’t so bad.

I simply must get my head round the lingo
my brain now hurts so I’m off to the bingo.

The first ever retweet I thought I would cry
I did a lap of honour, then tried to fly.

The visit to casualty wasn’t so bad
apart from being officially recorded as  mad.

Minding my manners so not to offend
looking slightly simple: round the bend.

Gathering followers, I was getting ahead
ok, I know one of them was a garden shed.

Commenting on politics is fair game
giving my opinion of who is to blame.

Watching videos can be a blast
of deranged cats stuck up a mast.

Some dodgy followers were giving me flack
oh, I never knew you could do that on your back.

Wonderful followers: interesting folk
apart from the boring tooth fairy bloke.

I’m not obsessed, I can walk away
as I now take tablets, three times a day.

This simple ode is just about ending
I load up Twitter and see whats trending!


2 thoughts on “My Ode To Twitter…..

  1. Helen, this pretty much sums up how I feel about Twitter, too. I love it. I love to hate it. There’s no other place quite like it, is there?

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