A heart full of…

I feel my heart is empty; void of love
wondering why it bothers to beat at all.
Time stands still; my heart actually breaks
was it pining for lost love; or not chanced.
Feeling weak, unable to even lift my head
my heart starts a lecture of life: I listen.

I am full of life: it flows in your veins,
sharing that life with all that is within.
I am never empty as I am filled with
wonders every beating movement.
As you watch the day, I feel the joy
in what you see: I thrive on life,
whether it be a scene of beauty
or just observing the world go by.
When you read a book: so do I,
the prose dances to my beat.
Even in sadness I remain full,
look inside yourself: see what
remains to lift your spirits,
You are my life, as I am yours
accept the true joys in life.
I don’t control the mind: we beat
as one: we replenish each other.
The only state of emptiness occurs
when I beat no more, until that day:
I am full to bursting.


4 thoughts on “A heart full of…

  1. Helen, once again a new perspective. Every word true. You are clever: I think I shall have to keep this poem somewhere.

  2. donna cummins says:

    Very good Helen, i’m impressed, i really like it.

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