The beauty of rain…..

I stand alone in the middle of nowhere
hopping the rain can wash away my troubles,
as each drop falls I can feel them enter my mind.
A process begins as the storm intensifies,
I watch the lightning dance across the sky
embracing its power; I feel in contrast, calmness.
Magic rain renders me into a trance as it falls
I start to dream, as each drop burns my eyes
blinded; still able see beyond the storm.
I feel no cold as an invisible barrier protects
wrapping me up in a warmth that never ends
basking in the peace that the rain delivers.
An empty mind, cleansed, rejuvenated
I turn away leaving nowhere behind
heading somewhere; accompanied by the rain.


5 thoughts on “The beauty of rain…..

  1. Helen, what a beautiful take on the rain. Makes such a change to hear someone talk about it in a positive light. Loved this.

  2. Helen, I read this post this morning and spent the day wishing for a few drops of rain to cut the heat.

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