I still miss you….

Your innocent face was so peaceful,
without breath the silence became our bond,
briefly introduced for a painful goodbye.
You have existed only in my mind since that day
seeing you only as you were then;
that image is scorched in my memory.
I grieved for you, and also for myself
weeping for what should have been,
longing to imagine as you would be now.
Although your life was fleeting
you have lived a lifetime alongside me,
your presence felt and never far away.
You are a shinning star that flickers
and overshadows the beaming moon,
lighting up a pathway so I can be with you.
So shine brightly my daughter: shine
as the world looks upon you with wonder
for this is where your destination lay.


2 thoughts on “I still miss you….

  1. We never forget them. They are still part of us.

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