Will I ever…..

I think that love has passed me by
there is no valid reason why.
I have so much love I want to give
instead a lonely life I live.
I do so want my heart to fly
to race to jump and even cry.
Never fear that my heart may break
for this is a chance I willingly take.
A broken heart will bring much pain
but worth the joy that I might gain.
Luck may truly play a part
that captures wonder in my heart.
Life long feeling, alone and blue
replaced with love, pure and true.


I still miss you….

Your innocent face was so peaceful,
without breath the silence became our bond,
briefly introduced for a painful goodbye.
You have existed only in my mind since that day
seeing you only as you were then;
that image is scorched in my memory.
I grieved for you, and also for myself
weeping for what should have been,
longing to imagine as you would be now.
Although your life was fleeting
you have lived a lifetime alongside me,
your presence felt and never far away.
You are a shinning star that flickers
and overshadows the beaming moon,
lighting up a pathway so I can be with you.
So shine brightly my daughter: shine
as the world looks upon you with wonder
for this is where your destination lay.

Smile.. on the move.

A stranger smiles and I can’t help but wonder why
without a spoken word between us, I also smile.
A slight nod is exchanged, acknowledging our existence
lost in exclusive thoughts we feel unable to share.
Curiosity wins, I converse, hoping for acceptance
the invisible barrier is lowered and the words flow.
The continuous gab maintains pace with the train
talking and listening in equal proportions.
The stranger completes their journey, I am left alone
reflecting on what I have learnt and told.
We shared a wealth of information but remain strangers
I smile to myself – a stranger smiles back.