The dark side of the moon…

Depression is such a lonely illness and rarely understood.

Darkness is descending, angst intensified
an overwhelming hunger for oblivion.
Floating to the dark side of the moon
hidden from the indistinct obscurity of life.
Cloaked in a lonely cocoon, living in shadow.
The catatonic state preferable to animation
with the obliging sanctuary of the moon.
A dire existence brings a strange contentment
waiting for the lifting of misty vapours of disquiet.

Walking with the breeze….

A short stroll, unaware of wonder
so alone and lost inside my mind.
I feel the pull of a gentle breeze
whispering softly, the trees interpret
through the rustling of their leaves.
Drifting onwards the sounds change
as each tree brings its own language.
A congregation, vying for my attention
standing in their majesty for one glance.
The noise intensifies as I pass by
I’m Inspired by the harmonious request.
Pausing, I admire their unique characteristics
an aged collection of natures beauty.
The breeze intensifies as I prepare to leave
enabling the trees, in unison, to bow.
Reciprocating I perform a bow of honour
with unexplainable contentment I bid farewell
The gentle breeze wraps itself around me
guiding me through a forest full of life.

Don’t want or need……

Why are we here, a constant thought
profound answers are often sought.
We strive to get more, and its never enough
unable to cope when the going gets tough.
Envy of others instead of joy for our lot
why can’t we feel satisfied with what we have got.
The life-time we have is so short and won’t last
tomorrows; are yesterday which will soon be our past.
Acceptance of being brings all that we need
true happiness flows when not stifled by greed.
So I must take heed and get ready to live
stop taking from others and learn how to give.

Dance of souls…..

Two hearts beating to the echoes of silence,
no music required: the rhythm perfect
a pulsating essence which is in command
with a coded language so they beat as one.

The souls join in an abstract movement
swaying gently, fuelled by total rapture
as the electricity flows from one to another
the hearts skip but never miss a beat.

Even a distance cannot disturb the dance
heightening senses in readiness for the return
paired up the dance begins, the passion of a tango
entwined: the steps in perfect symmetry.

The hearts sleep soundly in each others grasp
resting and rejuvenating for another day
awaking, they stretch in unison into the morning
one look: the dance of souls smiling; pick up the beat.

The story in clouds…

Engrossed in fluffy clouds
that drift across the sky.
I try to pick out animals
as they gently float on by.
The hardest ones to make out
are twenty shades of grey
transformed into whiteness
as the sun comes out to play.
I sit and watch a battle
as the clouds spoil the fun
holding hands together:
blocking out the sun.
The sun will not be thwarted
so it switches to full blast
the clouds are getting flustered
as they know they cannot last.
The sun has its victory
it did enjoy the game
using clouds to draw with;
a horse complete with mane.
A dolphin quickly followed
then a dragon and a shrew
it carried on relentlessly
until the day was through.
The clouds gave fair warning
as the sun said its goodnight
tomorrow is another day
be prepared to fight.

Wasted breath….

Anger simmering, I try to block,
but fighting a losing battle.
Struggling to keep it within,
escaping, temper starts to rise up.
Past boiling, now molten lava,
prepared to singe all in its path.

Jolted into full throttle, the rant begins,
berating those who deserve no less.
Not stopping for breath; the tirade continues,
pointing out all the wrongs inflicted on me.
Eventually there is nothing left to stoke the fire;
with no steam rising I start to cool off.

My anger abated, but I was all alone,
the wrath directed at the invisible.
Arguments are only acted out in my head,
a release valve for my sanity.
The anger has hurt only myself,
then stored with the imaginary multitudes.


I am a young adult, I do not think
nor care about my choices
there are no consequence
I exist to please only me.
A selfish attitude finished
with an abundance of stupidity.

Slightly older; I already have regrets
blaming all except me for those choices.
Decisions affecting others, I’m unable
or not wishing to change direction.
My anger increasing, but not at myself
blindness still clouds my judgement.

Age now gaining pace, the rut set in
fully aware of what I have done.
Trapped and unable to move
wishing for another life.
But still nothing changes, I believe
I made my bed: so lie in it I must.

Much older, I sink to a depth of darkness
hitting rock bottom before I react.
My fingertips pulling me to recovery
knowing what I have to do.
Starting again: selfishness prevails
I do what is right for me.

Not able to change the past
but regretting the choices I made.
Building bridges with those I love,
for I am now accepted for who I am.
Self healing, I will learn how to forgive myself
bringing inner peace to a tortured soul.

What has been cannot be undone
what will be is the lesson learnt.
Choices we make are ours alone
making us who and what we are.

Immersed in waves…

A cliff side vigil, full off contemplation
my companion the sea, otherwise alone
I feel and see the power in the foaming swells
hypnotised: deafened by the waves breaking.

Finally drawn in by the gravitational pull;
waves wash over me, cleansing my being
no more drowning in fresh air
as now I drown in the sea of souls.

Taken by the tides, stroked by soft hands
whispering lips brush against my ears
soft voices calming: deeply pervading
feelings of elation: a climax of passage.

Souls, lifting as one, return me to land
singing a farewell chorus: a sweet murmur.
Feeling cleansed, I remain still: spellbound
listening to the sea caress the root of the cliff.

Mind over matter….

My bones are tired,
muscles ache,
The mind is fresh,
eager for information.
We share the same birthday;
not able to celebrate together,
the body, unwilling to join in;
an overbearing mind left
dancing to its own tunes.

The mind has no limitations:
excepting its body.
The body has many limitations.
including the mind.
Neither prepared to give way.

There are many yesterdays
of working together:
in harmony,
how many tomorrows,
will be full of conflicts.
not willing to co-exist.

A fork in the road
choosing different paths;
a body unable
to keep in step
with the mind;
grieving for what
cannot be.

With age comes
a lifetime of wisdom:
use it. Work together,
accept each others
We entered this life as one,
live as one; leave as one.

My Ode To Twitter…..

Oh Twitter just how hard can that be
It must be as easy as one, two, three.

choosing a handle that seemed to fit
poised for banter: to show my wit.

Being aware that things weren’t quite right
if nothing happened I was going to take flight.

A light bulb lit as I was about to flee
I had spent six months talking to me.

I started to follow and tweeted like mad
a couple of mentions, this wasn’t so bad.

I simply must get my head round the lingo
my brain now hurts so I’m off to the bingo.

The first ever retweet I thought I would cry
I did a lap of honour, then tried to fly.

The visit to casualty wasn’t so bad
apart from being officially recorded asĀ  mad.

Minding my manners so not to offend
looking slightly simple: round the bend.

Gathering followers, I was getting ahead
ok, I know one of them was a garden shed.

Commenting on politics is fair game
giving my opinion of who is to blame.

Watching videos can be a blast
of deranged cats stuck up a mast.

Some dodgy followers were giving me flack
oh, I never knew you could do that on your back.

Wonderful followers: interesting folk
apart from the boring tooth fairy bloke.

I’m not obsessed, I can walk away
as I now take tablets, three times a day.

This simple ode is just about ending
I load up Twitter and see whats trending!